Thursday, September 6, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

You seemed much more relaxed on court than Bruno. The end of the first set seemed a little bit nervous, and also at the match tiebreak. You hold things much better than him.  Did you feel that?
Bruno Soares: The whole tournament.
Actually, no, I didn't feel that. I think I was more nervous than Bruno in this match, for sure. The tiebreak first set and the final tiebreak, I don't know, maybe I seem like too good, but inside I was really nervous. Like when it was 8‑4 for sure I started to be tight.
Ekaterina Makarova

It was not easy; they make many strategies.
Roberta Vinci

I went to middle school in Harlem so I knew that to get my New York fill I had to visit the school where I got made fun of because I played handball with the boys. What can I say? I was the only girl who could muscle the ball way over the building.
Irina Falconi

Same question for you, too.
Bruno Soares: What do I do good?
Volleys, it's definitely volleys. Because I just returning, and then Bruno did everything else, like close all the court. So I think in mixed for sure, like moving when the guy is moving really good and volleys. I'm like I'm just standing there on the baseline. 
Ekaterina Makarova


Anonymous said...

Delighted to see Ekaterina get a slam.

Diane said...

I'm very glad for her, too. They played such a great tournament.