Sunday, September 2, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

I've never played anyone with a serve like hers before, so it does take you a couple of games to get used to.
Laura Robson

But as we’ve seen many times, the minute you make an assumption about Kvitova is the minute when she blows that assumption to pieces.
Steve Tignor

Bud is sort of the Kim Clijsters of the press room.
Jon Wertheim, referring to Bud Collins

What did Thomas tell you on that rain break?
Well, he told me to get my act together....
Maria Sharapova

Are you going to make a habit of doing this dance after this one?
I'm not making a habit after this one. That's something special for a couple of matches. If I do something really spectacular, you never know what might happen next.
Sam Stosur

She (Bartoli) plays the winner of Sharapova and Petrova next. Whoever it is, she might want to order an exorcism on Bartoli before the match.
Steve Tignor

This morning actually there was like a camera crew outside my hotel, which was a little bit freaky. I got really excited because I thought they were waiting for someone who was actually famous.
Laura Robson 

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