Monday, September 3, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

Is it fair to say that a racquet change has caused a career change for you?
Yes, I think so.  Of course. This year with this racquet made me feel different on the court and make me feel much better.
Sara Errani

I think Kerber needed to have some kind of physical explosion out there.
Virginia Wade

I know there is no easy way to do this, but how would you describe the last four years of your tennis career?
Like a roller coaster.
Ana Ivanovic

I'm just telling myself to stay calm, stay relaxed. That's the main thing I tell myself. Everyone tells me to stay relaxed. My whole theory is everyone can't be wrong.  Okay, Serena, maybe you need to stay relaxed out here.
Serena Williams

Is it hard to play someone who mixes it up so much, like every point you're sometimes getting some high balls and just dropshots?
Yeah, for sure it's not easy to play against opponent like this that mix the game. I knew this before the match. I know that she will play a lot of spin and also some dropshots, but, yeah, I tried to be aggressive. he was better today. What can I say?
Angelique Kerber

What was the difference between this match and the one in Paris?
Well, it was quite similar. Of course, here is a bit more difficult to play with topspin long because it's faster. But for my side was quite similar. The tactic was almost the same, so...
Sara Errani

Agnieszka said she found playing against you was uncomfortable, the variety of shots, you kind of kept her off balance.
Yeah, but I have a difficult style of tennis, for sure, different style. I mix a lot of balls. I go to the net. I play a lot of slice. So it's different. So probably she doesn't like my slice. Also when I go to the net, probably the passing not so good. That's why I won today probably. This is the key.
Roberta Vinci                   

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