Wednesday, September 5, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

Right when we were walking literally in the hall of the locker room we went back on because it started drizzling. I mean, I have done like 20 different types of warmups in the gym. I was so sick of it. I was like, Let's just play tennis. So I was really happy that we got it in without another break. Another break means another warmup. I can't handle it anymore.
Maria Sharapova

Yeah, it was very difficult match, I think. Quarterfinal with your best friend, of course, is difficult. There is many tension. Also for the rain, we were going out, in, then out, in, out. So it was difficult. We know each other very well. We played together many times. So was also strange to see her on the other side of the net.
Sara Errani

This is like a war without guns.
Brett Haber

She's such a fighter, and so strong, and so quick.
Serena Williams, referring to Errani

Back to Serena, am I wrong in thinking that both the Williams love power? They seem to want their opponent to bang it with them. Even when Hingis was younger, when she was playing, she mixed it up a lot with them. I don't think they like that. Is that correct, or what's your thoughts on that?
I can't help but laugh at your question. I'm sorry. No, it's a good observation. But I think if you're going into a match in which you feel like you have to play a different game than what you've worked on or what has won you matches before in order to beat that one person, I don't know if it's extremely smart. I mean, I think it's always good to have options in your pocket if things are not going well. Sometimes those don't work. But to prepare for a match and not believe that if your game is power or being aggressive that that's not going to work, then, I mean, it's not a good confidence booster.
Maria Sharapova


Anonymous said...

In opposition to the mistaken idea that Hingis was sent out of the game by power, know that she beat both Williams girls on consecutive days twice during her career. Hingis was plagued by foot problems. That is what ended her career.

Diane said...

I don't think it was any one thing that put Hingis out of commission, but her foot problems were indeed significant. She and another player unsuccessfully sued the shoe manufacturer, in fact.

But the Williams sisters didn't help, and Hingis was not exactly known for her commitment to going to the gym and getting physically stronger.

svente said...

The coke didn't help either!

Why was Maria even being asked about serena? They weren't playing each other. It must be maddening to sit in those pressers all the time! Her answer though, is of course spot on.

Diane said...

"Why was Maria even being asked about serena?"

Do you really need an answer to that question? :)