Sunday, September 2, 2012

Passing shots

Here is a good piece on Sloane Stephens.

Christina McHale is reported to be suffereing with monnucleosis, and will be off the tour for a while.

This is kind of nice.

The World Team Tennis finals weekend will be held in Charleston again this year, September 14-16 at the Family Circle Tennis Center.

Here's a video of William Thach--the man who won the Facebook contest for a "date" with Petra Kvitova--playing tennis and having lunch with his favorite player:
Thach: "What do you think I need to work on, just the backhand?"
Kvitova: "On everything."


Todd.Spiker said...

Nice video of Kvitova.

Although, I can imagine, when she was told by Wilson about all this, she probably said, "You want me to do what?" ;)

Diane said...

I thought about that, too. And I will thinking about it after the Open, also.