Tuesday, May 24, 2011

French Open--what they said

I feel like I can play longer rallies. I believe I can go point to point; it gives me confidence.
Maria Sharapova, commenting on clay court play

It feels steady and good.
Kim Clijsters, referring to her injured ankle

I grabbed all my courage. I don't have much. I'm very fragile. I feel lonely, and even though there are many people around me supporting me, but I still have the strength in me that keeps me standing up and moving on step by step. I'm mourning right now, and it's difficult.
Virginie Razzano, whose fiance recently died

...I felt like I was running out of power in the end and couldn't really adjust, you know, small steps, and dominate with my forehand and couldn't really put that extra zip on the ball.
Ana Ivanovic, discussing her wrist tendonitis

First match--easy or tough--nothing in between.
Li Na

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