Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 French Open--first impressions

I've looked forward to today for a while, and--with the exception of watching Flavia Pennetta lose her way in her first match--I enjoyed the action I saw. I didn't think Shahar Peer would get past Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, so that upset wasn't a surprise.

Sam Stosur looked very relaxed and confident, Julia Goerges--not so much. But it's possible that Goerges had some anxiety to work through, and we are likely to see more consistent play from her in the next round.

I really like Svetlana Kuznetsova's "old school" Fila outfit, and I also like the pink version of JJ's dress. (Note to both Drew Lilley and Martina Navratilova: If you can't see colors well, or if you don't "get" colors, perhaps it's better to stay away from fashion critiques.)

The ESPN powers, as always, did what they could to avoid showing us live tennis.

The wind was really swirling during some of today's play. If that keeps up, especially in warm conditions, the ball is really going to fly on the courts (good news, maybe, for Vera the Wind Tamer).

There is no French Open widget on the blog because the tournament website did not make one available this year. So far, there are no interview transcriptions, either--I certainly hope that situation changes. Also, the site is promoting its iPhone app in a few places on the front page, but--if you have an Android phone--there is one for you, too; the webmasters just didn't bother to mention it. Click on Multimedia and Mobile, and you'll see it.

I enjoyed seeing Aravane Rezai and Richard Gasquet take a quiz.

And it's hard not to like this photo of Sloane Stephens.

I was happy to have a lot of match choices today. In addition to Tennis Channel and ESPN2, I could watch on ESPN3 and Tennis Channel online.


svente said...

Sadly, I can only watch on ESPN2 which leaves me with the impression there were only 3 matches today. Only one of which was women... :D

I mean there not even updating scores. Boooooo!

Diane said...

I know. When coverage switched over from Tennis Channel, ESPN2 was showing a taped interview with Djokovic. Then, when that was over, they showed nothing but previously played matches.

I'm sorry you don't have the online resources. Both Tennis Channel online and ESPN3 allow you to watch several matches at once (something I always think I can do, but really, two is my limit).

Wayne said...

An online facility certainly saves the day. The Eurosport Player provides additional 5-court coverage (no commentary). BBC digital screens 4 live matches every day (2 men's, 2 women's). I tend to scoot around the court's looking for drama: unless one of my favourites is playing and then I am glued. I was able to watch 4 women's today in their entirety: 2 on cable, 2 online.

Anonymous said...

"I was happy to have a lot of match choices today. In addition to Tennis Channel and ESPN2, I could watch on ESPN3 and Tennis Channel online."

Sadly, Monday, a day of great matches, is devoid of many video choices. No ESPN3 (my best alternative short of true HDTV from a major network).

True to form, the tennis channel screws up online video to HD capable displays (1920x1080).

It's comical. They screw up cable TV with their double-wide "T-bar", and they screw up online video as their DVR bar ends up in the middle of the screen of a high definition display.

Tennis is such a smart sport. Too bad it's promoted by ....

Diane said...

Believe me, Tennis Channel online would be my "desperation" choice, but it's there in case everything else goes down.

Diane said...

Update: An "On Your Mobile" option has been added to the website

skivvy said...

Thanks for the scoop on Sloane!

Apparently there is a controversy brewing regarding match transcript availability.

skivvy said...


Diane said...

My understanding is that fewer and fewer reporters are being sent to cover the majors, so the TWIA wants to make sure that the transcripts get into the absent reporters' hands right away so they can file stories. It may be a cost-cutting measure, too, for that matter.

Wayne Ritz said...

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