Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why care about Jankovic's backhand when we can care about her lip gloss?

Today, in her post-match interview, Jelena Jankovic scolded some Italian reporters for being interested in her lip gloss and makeup rather than in her game. The exchange took place toward the end of the interview, so it isn't on the video, but it's obvious that Jankovic was her usual outspoken, humorous self.

But all you Italians are thinking my nails, my lip gloss, my hair, you know, it's just all these things. And all I'm trying to think is about the ball, how I am supposed to win the match.

And the skirt, and how it went, what I did. You know, I was tying my shoe on the court, and I hear (whistling). And I'm like, I have to tie my shoe.

Her compatriot, Ana Ivanovic, does not appear to object to the WTA's marketing her as a player with "super-model looks," and Czech star Nicole Vaidisova told us all recently in an interview that looking hot was part of tennis. Thanks, Nicole.

A couple of years ago, when asked whether the WTA was selling sex, Maria Sharapova replied "I don't care what they're sellling."

It looks like Jankovic is starting to care. Good for her.

And to all those men and boys who keep trying so hard to explain to me that women have "all the power" because of our sexuality: Live as a woman for a week and see how you like it. Live as a woman for several months and then tell me how powerful you feel.

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