Thursday, June 14, 2007

If Bethanie Mattek amuses you as much as she amuses me...

Then you'll be delighted to learn that she writes as funny as she acts. Mattek is blogging the grass court season for Tennis Week, and her first entry is enough for me to determine that this is a don't-miss blog.

Mattek, by the way, has done a complete overhaul of her game, and she said earlier this year that it would take about a year for the results to have any effect. I saw her play in Charleston in April, and I can testify that one overhaul has already taken effect: Her first serve was excellent.

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bc1 said...

She has always had a great serve. In fact last year she was in the top 3 for serve speed at 3 of the 4 grand slams. Effective placement and use of her power and spin will make her serves more effective. Inch for inch she is probably the most powerful server in the history of womens tennis. She has repeatedly hit serves mid to upper 120's in mph. Using her aggressive abilities in all areas of her game that she has had since she was young will determine how well she does. It will be fun to watch if she decides to play this way.