Friday, June 22, 2007

Picks for Wimbledon champion

As previously noted, the bookmakers pick Serena Williams.

Tennis Magazine picks Serena Williams.

Nick Bolletieri picks Serena Williams.

Lisa Raymond picks Justine Henin.

Jon Wertheim picks Serena Williams.

I'll update as more predictions are made.


Anonymous said...

What's your prediction?

My prediction: Rain.

Diane said...

I'm having trouble with that. A couple of months ago, I would have said Serena. About a week ago, I would have said Henin. Now that we are about to go into the 2nd week, I'm feeling stronger that Mauresmo could defend her title. And now that Sharapova has her serve back, she is a very strong contender. Then there's Jankovic.

I find I am unable to predict who will win (which is great!), but if I absolutely HAD to make a prediction, I supposed I'd go with Henin.