Saturday, June 9, 2007

How to say it

Since I began publishing this blog, just days ago, I have noticed that many people have landed here via a search for the correct pronunciation of tennis players' names. The people who need to do such a search are the television commentators, who don't seem to care how they mangle players' names, and who can even get nasty about attempts to correct them.

Since so many people are asking:

Jelena Jankovic--YELL e na YAN ko vitch

Ana Ivanovic--AH na Ee VAN oh vitch

Maria Sharapova--Muh REE a Sha RAH po vuh
(but she gave in early on and settled for Sha rah POH vuh, the Americanized pronuciation)

Patty Schnyder--SNHNEE der

Anna Chakvetadze--AH na Chuk veh TAHD zeh

Svetlana Kuznetsova--Kooz NET so vuh

Justine Henin--ZhoosTEEN EN ah


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