Saturday, June 9, 2007

Equal prize money, but perhaps not equal treatment

When Martina Navratilova learned that a special presentation would be given to the winner of the men's French Open final. she asked what the winner of the women's final would get (other than the trophy and the check), and was told "nothing." So Navratilova and Jaroslav Kralik created a painting for Henin that represents the seven rounds in the draw, and the more than 120 matches played.

Unfortunately, Henin did not receive her gift on court, but at the press conference. However, the point was made.


ken said...

Do we know what the "special presentation" to the men's winner will be? Or do we just have to wait until tomorrow?

Diane said...

I didn't see it today, but I think that during a commercial there were some presentations we didn't get to see. The commentators alluded to them.