Sunday, September 9, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

The doubles team that wins this will split $420,000. That'll buy you a lot of pasta.
Pam Shriver

...every time I play Serena, it really pushes to be better, to improve, to move forward. I have to be thankful to her for that, you know, as well.
Victoria Azarenka

I enjoyed this U.S. Open as much as I ever could.
Andrea Hlavackova

I feel intimidated.
Chris Evert, discussing doubles with Pam Shriver

You're hilarious.
Victoria Azarenka, to chair umpire

This is like trying to put out a grease fire.
Mary Carillo

Was your love‑6 first set loss in the third round the toughest part? How did you feel at that point?
I mean, I felt like after that I kind of just was playing more freely and wasn't worried about anything because I was thinking, like, I couldn't do any worse than that.
Samantha Crawford

I really was preparing my runner-up speech.
Serena Williams

...having few of the players like that in the women's tour right now is something priceless, you know, something that you cannot take away. It's the people who, you know, like Maria, like Petra, those kind of girls, they always push me to be better. I mean, it's great opportunity, so I have no regret. 
Victoria Azarenka

Is that your first performance of it?
Yes. So bad, eh? So bad.
Roberta Vinci, on her post-match dance


svente said...

Y'know, I'm sure they are told to talk about the money but it's so... embarrassing that the US Open makes such a big deal about the prize money.

It's gross.

But Vinci/Errani were great! That was a fun match to see and they sure earned their 1 and 2 rankings!

Diane said...

Yes, they always talk about the money, don't they?

I'm so pleased for Errani and Vinci. I had this image of Flavia Pennetta, somewhere in Italy, getting out of her chair and doing that crazy Vinci dance when they won.

Anonymous said...

The money is the state religion. They rationalize that it's the way to attract young athletes. They ignore the other denominations of human currency. Namely, work, art, love, thought and play. Their loss. The USTA is an insular, even provincial bunch. Myopic about training the kids, ALL of whom are taught the same strokes, the same strategy. A few break the mold, like Taylor Townsend and Andre, but many a terrific talent is run over by the USTA bus.

Dougy Messenger said...

Yes, Anon. In too many minds, money stands as a surrogate for the other five denominations.

Anonymous said...

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