Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here comes 2015, but Im not ready

Am I the only one having trouble getting a "feel" for the 2015 season?

Maybe it's because the 2014 season was a bit odd, maybe it's because I'm rather distracted these days. Or maybe it's because as I write this, I'm living under tornado and flash flood warnings. Whatever. I just don't feel quite ready for the Australian season. The fun part is that I really have no idea who will win the Australian Open.

I think there will be Azarenka drama. I think there will be Princess drama (well, there already is, isn't there?). There is no Li Na, but there is Serena. Yet Serena doesn't appear invincible like she used to. This is a big chance for Kvitova, and a better chance for Halep than some may think. But what of Sharapova? Ivanovic? Wozniacki? And the increasingly dangerous Makarova?

Heat is always a factor in Melbourne, so fitness (and a certain inborn tolerance of extreme heat) is key. The heat issue can be a bit of a mess. Ice, IV fluids and stretchers have all served as props at the Australian Open. Before the officials got rid of the Rebound Ace surface and replaced it with Plexicushion, rolled and sprained ankles were part and parcel of the event.

Meanwhile, action has begun in Brisbane, where Maria Sharapova is the top seed and Ana Ivanovic is the second seed. (And JJ is playing as I write!) Simona Halep and Petra Kvitova are the top two seeds in Shenzhen, and Caroline Wozniacki and Sara Errani are the top seeds in Auckland.

(And one wonders whether Lucie Safarova, competing in Perth, is serving cream cheese or Vegemite with that bagel.)


sunny nine said...

Answer me this. Why is Carlos Rodriguez coaching? he is coaching Hantuchova. last year he and Li Na split because the academy he worked with in China wanted him to go back to China and not travel. This was before Li Na retired due to injuries but she was quite upset over the Rodriguez thing. but now this year, he is coaching Hantuchova. got any inside info?

Diane said...

Oh, wow. I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't even thought of that. Now I want to know! Maybe he isn't going to travel that much with Hantuchova? That's the "obvious" (meaning "acceptable") interpretation, but anything is possible.

Overhead Spin said...

Sunny I had the very same thought as well when I heard he was going to be coaching Dani. Funny enough I was talking to a fellow tennis friend of mine and we are of the view that Dani is going to be doing big things this year. I think Serena's success at 33 years old will spur on a lot of the women from her generation to continue playing with the hope that they will reap success at some point before calling it a day.

Diane said...

I'm really curious now, but I'm glad for Hantuchova. She's such a class act, and has so much talent. I hope she has a great season!

Albano said...

I can't believe that Pirokonkova is forced to play qualies to defend her title, it's just outrageous!

Diane said...

It's pretty sad. Why on Earth didn't they give her a wild card?