Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Australian Open--what they said

You can't always go to the side you think is weaker. Just being a bit smarter about things rather than making quick decisions and trying to end points too quickly.
Sam Stosur

You talked about concentrating on breaking and holding, moving your feet. Anything else you do in terms of calming yourself down? Breathing, meditation, anything else you do?
There's a lot of things I do. A lot of mental things that I do. A lot of little tricks that I have in my mind that I just roll around for years and years, always try to stick to 'em. I notice the more I do 'em, the better I play. Things that help keep me focused.
Serena Williams

Of course, I mean, the nerves was there. It was really difficult to handle it. During all match, I was still feeling the tightness and the legs were suddenly so heavy and I couldn't really move.
Petra Kvitova

On tennis tour you need good mental health.
Casey Dellacqua

And finally, a "member of the press" asked Sam:
Know anything about CoCo or Francesca?

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