Saturday, January 31, 2015

Australian Open--what they said

Did you feel you were in control of the match? You got a bit tight in the second set. Did you still feel on top?
I won the first set really I can say easy. But the second set, at the beginning I made a few mistakes. But I still felt like I can win this thing, and I want to win in two sets, not to go to the third, as in first three rounds. When she went to the medical, I sat to the chair. I said, Okay, Tereza, come on; win this in two sets. I started to believe in myself, and I'm happy I did it.
Tereza Mihalikova
I didn't expect to be here this long. I was walking down the hall yesterday and I was thinking, Wow, I'm still in the tournament. It's been a long time since I've been to the final here or the semifinal. It's been a long time coming. I was just really, really elated to have an opportunity to walk out on the final match.
Serena Williams
You talked about not being drawn into the aggressive style of play that she has. How happy were you with executing the plan you went in with?
Well, as much as I would love to hit a 200 kilometer an hour serve, I just don't think that's feasible with my shoulder. There's a lot of things I'd love to do in this world but I can't; that's just the reality of it. But in terms of getting to the point, yeah, there's definitely a few times where I rushed and made a few errors, but I don't think as many as in my previous matches against her.
Maria Sharapova

Wow! Congratulations Serena! We are lucky to have you as our inspiration
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My two favorite players are Bouchard and Sharapova. Sharapova is in the final today. I'll be watching that. I hope in the future I can come back and be doing as well as they are.
Katie Swan

...I actually believe that we attract what we're ready for. Yes, I haven't won against her many times, but if I'm getting to the stage of competing against someone like Serena, I'm doing something well. I'm setting up a chance to try to beat her and it hasn't happened. I'm not just going to go home without giving it another chance. That's just not who I am and not who I was raised to be. I'm a competitor. If I'm getting to the finals of Grand Slams and setting myself up to play a match against Serena, I mean, I know it sounds -- maybe you're telling me I'm wrong -- but I'm happy to be in that position. I love the competition. I love playing against the best, and at the moment she is.
Maria Sharapova 

Well done miss
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What is your nickname?
I have a lot of nicknames. But here everyone calling me Terka. And my dad is like Tereza. But I like Terka.
Tereza Mihalikova

After the let at the match point, how confident were you to hit the same spot again?
I wasn't confident at all....
Serena Williams

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