Monday, January 19, 2015

Australian Open--what they said

I was so nervous in the beginning and same in the end.
Lucie Hradecka

There is always nerves in the beginning.
Ana Ivanovic

...I did try so hard for all these years to make it through. It meant so much to finally me to do it in front of my home crowd. They been cheering for so long and so well it was really important. It meant the world to me. As I said, whatever is going to happen now, I can just forget about that. There is no more ten year anniversary.
Jarmila Gajdosova

A lot has been made about Milos Raonic's haircut. Have you seen it? Thoughts from you?
I have not seen it. I made fun of his hair last year. I don't know how it's different now. I just think he spends way too much time worrying about his hair.
More than you?
Yes. Clearly
Genie Bouchard

I think Karolina, she trust herself more than Kristyna.
Lucie Hradecka, commenting on the Pliskova sisters

I really felt good before the tournament started. I had a great week in Brisbane. The level was really high. But you just have to accept that you're going to have tough days and you got to go through the tough days to improve. I'm such a perfectionist and sometimes I judge myself too much.
Ana Ivanovic

I think Dennis is doing good job--he just makes one ace.
Li Na


Sabey said...

The Kerber upset was the biggest surprise to me as she is so steady.

Diane said...

I think the Safarova upset surprised me even more. I think we should stop having expectations at this event :)

Sabey said...

Ugh. Forgot about Safarova. You are right this is shaping up to be crazy.

Eric said...

So Ana proved that she was a lamb in wolf's clothing? I feel bad because she really is a very classy and nice person who works hard and does all the right things.

Agree with you guys re: Safarova and Kerber. I was actually thinking Safarova would go deep with her recent excellent play.

Diane - who are the Newman's? You referenced their picks...but I'm not famiiiar with them.