Thursday, January 22, 2015

Australian Open--what they said

Sometimes life deals you cards that you aren't expecting, but all you've gotta do is keep playing them and see what happens.
Venus Williams

You go on court and you can beat everyone and you can lose also against everyone.
Aga Radwanska

When the conditions are warm and humid like this, do you find how maybe you don't panic or worry as much now as years past?
Yeah, for sure. Even yesterday when I knew today would be warmer than yesterday, I knew that David was little bit worried about. Me, too, of course. I did not say it. But somewhere in myself was there. But I knew that I'm like prepared better than the years before, I can handle it better. In the end when you are sweaty and the wind is there, it's not that bad than when you are sitting on the bench. It was good.
Petra Kvitova

Is it fair to call this a rejuvenated version of you or is that something we projected on to you and you don't feel that way?
I'm just doing the best I can. I always was, even when it wasn't what I wanted. So whatever that is, I'm doing absolutely the best I can. I think as long as I'm doing my best, something good will come out of it. There is a scripture that says faith without works is dead. So you have to have faith, but you have work too. So I'm doing both.
Venus Williams

I think in the past she's kind of thrown in patches of matches where she's kind of gone away, lost it for a bit, got really erratic. I don't feel she did that at all tonight. She really harnessed all that very well and kept it up from first point to last.
Sam Stosur, referring to Coco Vandeweghe

I have utmost confidence in my forehand, that I could out-rally Stosur today.
Coco Vandeweghe 

What did it seem like to you when you watched it on TV?
I don't really remember. I really don't know actually. When I like wake up in the night, normal people are trying to fall asleep again. But I didn't. I went to living room and watched the TV. For sure it was exciting to me to watch the game.
Petra Kvitova

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