Wednesday, January 1, 2014

20 questions for 2014

1. Will Serena Williams win more than one major?

2. Will Li Na finally win the Australian Open?

3. How far will Simona Halep go at Roland Garros?

4. Will this be the year that Maria Sharapova wins Miami?

5. Will Petra Kvitova finally "reclaim herself" and win a second major?

6. What would you like Maria to add to the Sugarpova collection?

7. Do you honestly believe that Sabine Lisicki will win Wimbledon?

8. Will Genie Bouchard make good on her role as the most promising young player on the tour?

9. Or is that Sloane Stephens?

10. Will two Italians retire, or just one?

11. Is this the final season for Daniela Hantuchova?

12. Will Victoria Azarenka win the U.S. Open?

13. Can Italy hold onto the Fed Cup title?

14. Who (the answer can be plural) will hit Liezel Huber in the face?

15. Can Agnieszka Radwanska stay in or around the top 5 for most of the season?

16. How many titles will JJ win?

17. How long will Thomas Hogstedt last as Caroline Wozniacki's coach?

18. Will Hsieh Su-Wei and Peng Shuai continue their upward mobility in doubles?

19. Will some lucky woman become Kristina Mladenovic's regular doubles partner?

20. Who's going to surprise us? a. Sam Stosur, b. Angelique Kerber, c. dream on--neither of them



Daniel said...

1. No, just 1
2. Sadly, no
3. 2R
4. No, will be injured
5. No, she's still waiting at the baggage carousel
6. Flavor
7. On a video game, yes. IRL, no
8. Yes
9. No
10. Two
11. Let's hope not!
12. Yes
13. Depends on draw
14. Is there a character limit on postings?
15. She'll climb to #3
16. Any tournament near the Ring of know, for the earthquakes...
17. He's already been killed by Piotr
18. Let's hope so
19. Some needs to be!
20. Neither!

Can you tell I have cabin fever? Day 3 of the flu :(

Todd.Spiker said...

1. Yes (over/under is 2... and I'll say "over")
2. No :(
3. QF
4. Not if she has to play Serena or Vika to do it
5. not this year, but in 2015
6. black licorice (in the shape of her "little black dress" from '06 Open) ;)
7. no
8. yep, at least over the next 12-16 months
9. maybe starting 16-18 months from now
10. hmmm, or maybe three? (then they'll have one big Italian "celebration of (post-tennis) life")
11. if so, only as a full-time singles player
12. not this year (blame Serena)
13. nope
14. in an "upset" of her doubles partners!
15. barely
16. 2, and they'll be great fun!
17. if she loses in the first two rounds in AO/RG: he'll disappear before Wimbledon; if he sticks around and she fails to win at least 3 titles, Piotr... err, I mean Caro (hmmm) will reassess the situation after the season
18. #1 here they come!
19. she'll continue to be on everyone's dance card, and win more titles than anyone else (she and Voskoboeva have already taken a pair of one #1-seeded scalps in Brisbane!)
20. Stosur, because "all" she'll have to do to be a surprise is hold/slightly exceed her seeding at the AO (i.e. reach the Round of 16)

Todd.Spiker said...

Oh, and get well soon, Diane! ;)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you leave out Simona and Laura?....

Diane said...

Simona is no. 3. I wasn't trying to get everyone in, so......

Todd, Daniel is the one who has been sick, but I'd like to feel better, too!

Todd.Spiker said...

Haha! Yeah, you know -- you're right! I had the post up on the comment page so I could answer the questions, then saw that at the bottom and thought it was on the post! :D

Oh, well... consider it an early Get Well Soon for the next time you're ill then! Always be prepared!

So, in that vein...

Oh, Nadia.

Oh, Petra.

What does Vika have to do to catch a break with the fans/media in Melbourne, anyway?

That JJ... crazy!

(Shaking head over a blown Sloane lead.)

And, of course "--------" (insert charming Li comment recounted later) -- how much does it cost for a trip to NaNa Land?

There, NOW we're prepared for the future. Ha! :)

(Oh, and feel better Daniel, of course.) ;)

Daniel said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

Anonymous said...

The pain from Petra. It's evident that there has never been a player of either sex capable of the incredible strings of winners that she produces as routine.
174 in five matches in Dubai, 222 in seven at Wimbledon... Otherworldly - opponents nowhere near the ball most of the time. But, oh the Petra Pain.

Fred66 said...

1. Yes
2. No
3. 4th round
4. No
5. No, maybe next year.
6. I don't care for sweets.
7. Hell, no.
8. I hope not. Way overrated.
9. No
10. Two
11. Yes, Delusional Dani will finally see the light.
12. No
13. Yes
14. Who wouldn't?
15. Yes.
16. 1
17. 6 months
18. Yes.
19. Yes.
20. C