Thursday, January 16, 2014

Australian Open--what they said

Your matches are always pretty exciting.
So dramatic. I like to keep it interesting. Obviously I don't like to sleep because I like going home super late.
Sloane Stephens

Do you take confidence moving forward after this performance today against Maria?
Yes, yes, it gave me confidence, because Maria is, I mean, in the three best players of the world. So I trying to find as much as possible these feelings and getting to play games like this all the time, and it gave me confidence, yes.
Karin Knapp

Can you tell what you say your body was saying to you? What feelings you had?
I mean, on one hand you're trying to get as much rest in between points as you can, but then you have an umpire who is giving you a time violation. Then you're asking yourself whether that's fair, as well in whatever degree weather that was.
Maria Sharapova

After the match I couldn't stand up for 4 hours! Sunstroke, headache, upset stomach, shiver, and sickness! Not enough?!!
Galina Voskoboeva

...I think the question I have is no one really knows what the limit is. Not the players; the trainers themselves, when you ask them, "When will the roof be closed?" No one actually knows what that number is in comparison to humidity or the actual heat. Sometimes you wish you know, because it's it just depends on I'm not sure who, a referee or the meteorologist, and there are just a lot of questions in the air that maybe, you know, should be solved. Because I asked the trainer the other day, "What does it take for the roof to be closed or matches to be stopped?" She said, "We have no control over this."
Maria Sharapova

Does somebody need to, like, die before they say "Maybe we should close the roof...."?
Martina Navratilova

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