Saturday, January 18, 2014

Australian Open--what they said

What do you think you learned from that semifinal match last year?
Nothing. I don't know there's anything to learn. As a match itself, it was good. I think actually it was my first time playing against Sloane. I don't think you can take so much out of it because, you know, the year pass by.
 Victoria Azarenka

The Olympics is coming up real soon. I understand you're going to have a gig as a commentator with NBC. Can you talk about that? Excited about that?
Everyone seems to think I will be commentating on winter sports. I'm not a bobsledding expert. I will confirm I won't be commentating.
Maria Sharapova

What were you most pleased with in your play today?
Just that I figured out which way the wind was blowing.
Sloane Stephens

Azarenka went on quite a bit talking about how wonderful her grandmother is and Casey Dellacqua did the same thing yesterday.
Who doesn't like their grandmothers? I mean...I mean, they cook, they clean, they tell you you're the best. What's not to like?
Maria Sharapova


Todd.Spiker said...

Sharapova has gotten funnier and funnier as the years have gone by. ;)

Diane said...

Better and better--and no mincing of words.

Eric said...

I'm surprised that Flavia says that the Australian Open is her favorite slam since she's done exponentially better at the US Open

Diane said...

I was surprised by that, too! Players really like being in Melbourne (but maybe not so much after this year).

Eric said...

i feel like when the top players beat Venus, they have more confidence to play Serena...even tho their levels are very different now. Maria, Petra, Ana come to mind...

Diane said...

Ana confirmed that in her press conference.