Saturday, January 25, 2014

Australian Open--what they said

How important was the first set? Did you feel like you broke her?
No, it's not like I broke her. It's like after if you win a very tight first set, you think, Okay, already one set in the pocket. Like feeling one feet already touching in trophy.
Li Na

We often see underdogs make it to the final stages of a tournament by having a beautiful draw. She had a horrific draw.
Chris McKendry, referring to Dominika Cibulkova

Now I want to thank my team. Max, agent--make me rich. Thanks a lot.
Li Na

On the stand there was Chris Evert. Li Na, as well. Do you sense she's a special personality?
I have to say she's one of the nicest players on tour, you know. I really like her. I think everybody likes her sense of humor, you know. Yeah, she's a great player and a grand champion. It was nice to be there next to her and to Chrissie.
Dominika Cibulkova

Like the red wine, it got better with the age.
Martina Hingis, on Li Na's mental strength

Thanks for him--give up everything, just traveling with me to be my hitting partner, fix the drink, and fix the rackets....
Li Na, referring to her husband

When you won, when people win junior Grand Slams, most of them jump up and down and get really excited. You just sort of went, Yep, okay.
Like I said, I felt I'm going to do this. I was pretty sure. I was really confidence. I was the girl who was expected to win. I mean, I wouldn't be happy if I wouldn't win. That's why I'm not jumping and stuff.
Elizaveta Kulichkova

When you decided to hire Carlos, did you genuinely believe that you would be here, or did it take time to believe it actually?
You know, when like last year I say I want to be top 3, nobody believe. Beginning this year I say, I want to win another Grand Slam title. Nobody believe. More important is I believe, he believe, my team believe. That's all.
Li Na
How much confidence does this give you for the future?
I would say a lot. I would say really, really a lot. When you play a Grand Slam finals, it's not just like that, you know. It's a big step. I'm ready to take it, you know. I was waiting for this for a long time. Now I want to do 100% to keep it up.
Dominika Cibulkova

What are the Chinese characters on your t-shirt?
My heart has no limits.
Li Na

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svente said...

Love the message on Li's shirt.

And we have to remember that Cibulkova is only 24! She should be around for a while. I like her, I was happy to see her get through that (yes) horrific draw! She should be very, very proud.