Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Australian Open--what they said

She's a genius, isn't she, Radwanska.
Pam Shriver

You've had tough losses and big wins against both of them.  How does that affect you going into this match?
You know, I already beat both of them. It's going to be very tough, for sure. Both opponents are big fighters and a great player. It just gives me enough confidence, you know, to go into this match and to know that I beat both of them. I know what I have to do. We know each other really well. We are the same age. We played so many times each other.
Dominika Cibulkova

The seed of doubt has been planted in Azarenka's head about what Radwanska is going to do next.
Martina Navratiliva
She was just doing everything a little bit better than me. I was just watching. I was like a spectator a little bit.
Victoria Azarenka

I had emotions, big emotions, and I couldn't manage this. Before the match I was very nervous and I didn't feel the ball at all. I couldn't move my body and I couldn't play.
Simona Halep

She's not finding any holes in Radwanska's game because there aren't any today.
Chris Evert


Eric said...

i think it's a mistake for Li Na to put the ice towel on during changeovers. She's going into her surface games after her break with cold, stiff shoulders. Perhaps why she's been broken so many times in the 2nd set.

All I have to say is Na Na Land is a scary place.

Eric said...

That must have been really hard for Li Na to win...she had ALL the pressure on her. Nothing against Genie...but just based on experience, Li Na was the HUGE favorite in that match.

I felt like she was on the verge of slipping into Na Na Land several times. I think her team felt it too because at the end they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Genie is really good at hiding the ball until the last second. And when she takes the ball early, she's killer. No wonder people have a hard time reading her game. She has tremendous control too. To have that type of racquet head speed while taking the ball early and still have that much consistency...And her aggressive mindset...I think we're seeing the type of game that Caroline Wozniacki needs to develop.

Diane said...

Yes, on CW could learn something from Genie. Taking the ball early is probably always going to be a big strength for Bouchard. She sees the ball really well and is just a natural hitter off the ground.

Interesting point about the ice towel, Eric. JJ said she didn't want it on the super-hot days because the contrast going from the ice back onto the court was too disconcerting.

Eric said...

Who is Domi's coach now? Reason for her change in attitude? Or new love? Something is different about her. Glad to see her personal growth and glad that it's translating into tennis success.

Diane said...

I can't remember his name. She says she has worked hard with him on the mental part, which she needed to.