Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Australian Open--what they said

I think you missed the first backhand after 28 minutes. That never happens or is normal?
So I should improve for next match. Next match I will try after 30 minutes.
 Li Na
Things are just simple for Genie. She's the definition of gamer and a jock. See it, hit it, win the match.
Courtney Nguyen

Was there any point in the match where you felt you had it in the bag?
After I won, yeah.
Genie Bouchard

What was your reaction when you saw Serena lose the other day?
I think everyone can lose the match, you know. She also is normal.
Li Na
In the last year she improve a lot her game. She's more, I think, consistent with the forehand. And her serve, it's working really good also. She's a really good player.
Flavia Pennetta, referring to Li Na

Do you have luggage space?
I will create luggage space. It's worth it to take my wombat home.
Genie Bouchard

She's very aggressive player. It's sometimes very hard to read her game. There is no really patterns like with other players you have. She's a great mover.
Ana Ivanovic, referring to Genie Bouchard

Tennis players get very upset sometimes, and sometimes they break their racket, but you never do. I'd like you to tell people why.
Because I'm feeling racket is my friend. So--because she was with me on the court all the time, I have to be friend with her, and also, she can be nice to me.
Does she have a name?...Will you give her a name if she wins for you?
I have eight racquets. If you want I call them Li Na One, Li Na Two, until Li Na Eight.
Li Na


Ronald said...

I really like simone halep, having gotten to watch her quite a bit last year, but she will not compete against the top players, because she will not follow a good shot into the net which allows good defensive players back into a point to easily and she has to start over again to get into a winning position. Her weapons are not that big.

Anonymous said...

I guess it might recall high school days, but do you really have to post snark from "forty deuce"?