Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quote of the day

As a woman, I cringe when I see top ranked multi-millionaire athletes needing on-court instruction on how to hold serve. How anyone thinks that imagery is good for women's tennis is beyond me.
Mary Carillo


Overhead Spin said...

I may not agree with everything Mary Carillo but this quote sums it up for me. I will go even further and say multi-millionaire professional women. Women who are employers in their own right. Some women whose names are synonymous with business. They are calling down men who have never reached the heights that they have reached, instructing them on where to stand to receive serve; what to do on an opponent's serve and the worst one of all, how to remain calm in a match.

All players should be required to watch Venus Williams in the 2005 Wimbledon final against Lindsay Davenport and see how a champion plays under pressure.

Diane said...

The entire statement by Carillo was really good. She called the on-court coaching atmosphere "both sexist and infantilizing." Amen, sister.

BS said...

I completely agree with her. On-court coaching is ridiculous, and the sooner the WTA realise that they need to get rid of it, the better.