Friday, November 14, 2008

The season is over, but there's still plenty to enjoy

Starting with a lengthy and adorable video of 3-year-old Dinara Safina on the court. Check out that backhand.

But don't stop with that. Peruse this year's "Ms. Backspin" winners.



Todd Spiker said...

Who would you pick as the "Singles" player of the year, Diane? I suppose I went with Serena, but it's easy to argue for a handful of others (Jelena, Venus...).

Diane said...

I'd pick Serena, too, Todd. The U.S. Open, 3 other tournament wins--2 of them Tier 1s--some time as the world no. 1, and an Olymmpic gold medal in doubles. I'd have to say Serena was the single most accomplished player of the season.

Venus and Jelena are certainly up there, however.

And if I were picking player of the year based on most memorable performance, it would be Safina.