Wednesday, November 12, 2008

But will they accept Blue Cross?

Starting next year, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour players will have to pay for some of their medical time-outs. If a player seeks treatment in excess of what the tour decides is enough times (six or seven medical time-outs per season) she will have to pay for it. At small tournaments, she will pay something in the range of $100, and at big ones like the Sony Ericsson Open, she will pay something around $500. There will be no medical fees levied at the four major tournaments.

Regardless of what one thinks of this plan, perhaps we can all agree that Peter Johnston needs a metaphor time-out, and he should probably pay a fee.


Anonymous said...

How will this affect Jelena Jankovic? For all her ailments and medical timeouts, she rarely retires...and plays way more than any top 10 player.

Diane said...

I wonder about that, too--I imagine a lot of fans wonder about it. If I had to guess, I'd say that if Jelena goes over the limit, she'll just pay the fine. And complain about it a lot, which will add to the entertainment, and perhaps require the use of another helicopter. :)