Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quote of the day

"...she makes Nadal look like a hyperactive child and Federer like a bashful teenager."
Steve Tignor on Venus Williams


Herzblut said...

I wish Nadal would either wear shorts which fit him or STOP TWEAKING HIS BUM EVERY TEN SECONDS!!!!!

ahem(clears throat)...apologies for that, Diane....but I've been waiting to get it off my chest for ages.....I don't watch a lot of men's tennis but he is there a lot :)

Diane said...

I really like Rafa's capri pants (I think they are a bit shorter than they used to be, though), and he says he has been working on stopping the adjustment habit. I doubt that his pants are a misfit--I think it's a nervous habit, like Venus and Roddick constantly messing with their shirts. Venus finally stopped when she put together ELEVEN and gave herself more form-fitting tops. Roddick will never stop.