Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday cat blogging--Why I Sleep In a Cat Bed edition


Vicki said...

And I have trouble sleeping with one cat. That's so cute. So where do you sleep?

Diane said...

In a cat bed...

Seriously...I come along and try to do as little displacement as possible, but someone usually gets put out and leaves.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine morning time wake up call when everyone's hungry for some ScienceDiet. lol



Herzblut said...

lol, Diane......I have a picture in my mind of you peeking out from one of those cat igloos... ;)

hey there, dani....did you read my explanation of 'tonic'? ;)
I was a wee bit behind in thinking about your suggestion of more momo socks: the shades of grey sounds gorgeous and have ordered some grey and charcoal silky sock yarn - well, only the best for her momoness, eh...(and always a good excuse for buying more yarn)

love Claire the craftyweemidden :)

Diane said...

Claire, I hope you are sending some of these socks to Amelie. She would appreciate them, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

hi Crafty

those socks sounds great!!!!

I'm thinking of instead of black/grey stripes, how about black with grey panels on toe, heel and ankle - kind of like the panels on her top?

I'll be away from Friday travelling for 2 months, hope you all have a great xmas and holidays!


Diane said...

Where are you going, Dani?

Have a wonderful time!