Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Women Who Serve--1 year old today

Today is the first anniversary of the publication of Women Who Serve. Thanks to all my readers and commenters for your loyalty. Thanks also to fellow bloggers Aaress, Marija, Todd, and ken, and to Tennis X and TennisGrandstand for continual support. All of you helped make my transition from social activism/political blogging to tennis blogging easier than I thought it would be (not that one can ever really get away from social and political issues, and not that this particular one would ever want to). I look forward to doing continued commentary, reporting and--of course--cat blogging.


U said...

Happy blog-Birthday! :)

Best regards from Belgrade!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! I will use this opportunity to congratulate you on your great work with Women Who Serve - among everything else it's unique, in a good way of course. :) I will continue to support your blog, and I'm happy we have such a nice collaboration.

Keep up the great work!

U said...

Diane, I have one special task for you. :) Can you check french open site - match statistics. For exemple:
I know for sure that Ivanovic had 20 winners (incl. service) AT LEAST. I saw other match statistics and I think that something is wrong there. What do you think?
Sorry for interrupting b-day party. :)

Diane said...

The official stats say 4 winners, uros, which is, of course, incorrect. Perhaps it will be corrected later, but I doubt it.

Todd Spiker said...

Congratulations! :)

Manfred said...

Hey Diane,

congratz on your first anniversary as a tennis blogger! May you have many more blogging years to come :)

Herzblut said...

many happy returns, Diane.....long may you keep on blogging! Love the blog, and your Friday cat editions are a special highlight :)

oh, and your blog birthday is two days after my 'birthday birthday' which was on Monday - 53 and hangin' in there.....I shall 'toast' you tonight when I have my ice cream(unfortunately all the birthday cake has been eaten so ice cream will have to do)

hugs, purrs and cat hairs to you and the crew
Claire and co.

Diane said...

Uros, thank you. It's nice to get such greetings from a tennis capital!

Marija, Todd and Manfred, I very much apprciate all the support you've given me.

And Claire, the group thanks you for being their most loyal fan! I thank you, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!!

Congratulations, Diane!!!

Diane said...

Thanks, Aaaress!

tennischick said...

congratulatons. i did not know your previous life but i do enjoy drapping by to read your tennis morsels.

Diane said...

Thanks, TennisChick. Glad to have you come by.