Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mats Wilander on Henin's retirement

I mean, it is sad because we're losing a PLAYER. Justine is the original one in terms of style, along with Amelie Mauresmo. She could play any shots, with fluidity that is only seen on the men's tour now. We need another player to compete with the style of game that Maria Sharapova and the Williams' sisters incorporate.

He says a lot more...


Anonymous said...

momo vs henin and momo vs kim were some of the best matches to watch!

I'm sooooo excited that Amelie and Fabrice Santoro "the magician" is playing mixed doubles at the French!!! I can't wait to see what crazy shots those two will come up with! the crowd will go mad!



Diane said...

They have played doubles together before at a major. Was it the French Open?

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