Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inimitable Amelie

From Mauresmo's press conference:

I saw you play for the first time in 1995 against Nathalie Baudone, and I followed your results here in Paris. My question is: What's wrong in Paris as compared to other tournaments for you?

Clay. (laughter.) That's the first point.

I had noticed.

There is also the Eiffel Tower.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree that momo is bad on clay...her results in clay tournaments other than RG are actually quite good. (rome, berlin etc)

but with amelie...the "home slam" thing maybe a bit like "what nurishes me also destroys me", it insipired her to play tennis but it's also giving her a "mental everest"


Diane said...

I don't get that, either. Anyone who wins Berlin and Rome is not bad on clay.

skivvy said...

Amelie is one of the only tennis players (perhaps Steffi Graf as well), that I could actually imagine having a glass of wine and a nice conversation with.

Anonymous said...

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