Saturday, May 31, 2008

That was then, this is now--enough already

A non-teary Vera Zvonareva leaves the court after losing the Family Circle Cup championship

Yes, we all know that--a long time ago--Vera Zvonareva used to cry on court during her matches. She has not done that in years, but the fact that Zvonareva is a different player now, emotionally and behaviorally speaking, does not phase tennis commentators at all. Every time Zvonareva steps onto a court, we have to hear about her "emotional problems." Vera moved on a long time ago, but out-of-touch sports commentators never move on.


Anonymous said...

I agree, we get the same thing here in Australia with our commentators. We always have to hear about her very emotional side, but I have not seen signs of it in quite a while.
So they definitely need to let it go, because she is in fine form of late

mikewkf8 said...

I could not agree more, thank you for mentioning this, as I feel like they do this with a lot of players. I am a big fan of Anna Chakvetadze, and I really don't like how they always bring up her "problems with emotions" on the court. I am a new reader of your blog, thanks for all the great commentary!

Diane said...

Thanks, Mike. I agree about Chakvetadze, too. Despite her problems, Anna stopped crying on the court a long time ago.

Thanks to both of you for stopping by to read!