Thursday, May 15, 2008

What they're saying about Henin

Here are some thoughts on and tributes to Justine Henin:

Steve Flink

Peter Bodo

Kamakshi Tandon

Greg Garber

Bonnie D. Ford

Aaress Lawless

Richard Pagliaro

Jon Wertheim

Steve Tignor

Women Who Serve

And Amelie Mauresmo:

I was surprised like everyone. At no moment has she expressed any kind of fatigue. The question I ask is why she didn't take a break. It's true that with her method of [play]--lot of investment in the game, but also a lot of tension and fear--you can understand that fatigue would set in.


Anonymous said...

huge huge loss for women's tennis. I always loved the games between henin and momo (especially when momo won) it's just so refreshing to watch 2 players play with so much skill, fluidity and elegance.

I'm suprised that she did not have another crack at wimbledon but best of luck to her for the future.

good to hear momo saying she's not retiring any time soon yet!!!


Diane said...

The Mauresmo-Henin matches were indeed a joy to watch. The two greatest backhands in women's tennis.