Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just saying...


Herzblut said...

oh oh oh oh oh my!!!!! Me too, me too......I want one, I want one, I want one!!!!!!
green with envy :)

Diane said...

Nice, huh? I bought it several months ago, but when I wear it, of course, most people don't have a clue who "Amelie" is.

Anonymous said...

Diane!! where did you buy it?!?!?!

i want one!!!


there are some t-shirts on Amelie's online boutique but they don't say I <3 momo!

Diane said...

I bought it from CafePress. There were several styles from which to choose. I forget how I began my search, but it's pretty easy to find things on the CafePress site.

Anonymous said...

hi Diane just to let you know there is a FANTASTIC and insightful french interview with momo on her official forum. (www.ameliemauresmo.fr/interactive) you can find the english (google translated) version on page 450/451 of the "all web links" thread in the english section of the forum.

she is so eloquent and insightful in her responses about her emotions, her connection with fans, her difficult year etc, perhaps more than any other tennis player initerview i have read.

I'm so in love now i don't know how much more in love you'll be after you read it!!!



p.s. some one give that journalist a raise!

Diane said...

Thanks for the link, Dani. The beginning of the interview actually made me think of Justine.

I remember, in 2005, at the end of the season, Amelie said she was totally burned out and "could not go on." Then then turned around and won the year-end event.

But she is older now, and she has had multiple physical traumas in the past year. I feel bad for her--such terrible luck.

Thanks for this interview--it was a pleasure to read. Amelie, as always, gives us both depth and humor.