Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quote of the week

There is a big difference between being mentally tough and being emotional. It's a huge difference. I will always be emotional. As long as I use those emotions to my advantage, that's only a plus to me. If I need to break the racquet to pump myself up, then I will break the racquet. I don't care.
Vera Zvonareva


TennisAce said...

I am not sure whether the 2 are mutually exclusive when it comes to Vera. If she was as mentally tough as she seems to think she is she would have been coming up on the win side in many matches that she should have won. I cannot forget her match against Venus in Doha a few years ago when she had a monumental meltdown on court. Her body shook with her sobs. That is not only being emotional but just showing her lack of mental toughness.

She is No. 3 in the world because of her consistency, not because she has been winning tournaments. I was shocked when I realised that Vera was No. 2 in the world last year winning only 1 title so early in the year that most folks forgot about it.

She says that she cannot hit aces like Serena or winners like Sharapova. What those 2 women have is mental toughness and they try never to show emotion on court. Vera should try it some time.

svente said...

Good for her. Consistency, which she's done far better with as late, is a sign of mental toughness. Her match against Kvitova just last month demonstrated her ability to stay focused and play . Her win was impressive.

But, y'know, I still expect to see the footage from the 09 U.S. Open every time she plays...

Diane said...

I suspect that Zvonareva is mentally tougher than many people think, yet maybe not quite as mentally tough as she believes she is. Just a guess on my part.