Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kuznetsova discusses karaoke and Dancing with the Stars

You ever look at yourself on YouTube? I was looking yesterday. I saw you do some karaoke.
"Oh, my God. This is disgusting. I tell you, I watched this. I sometimes I want to make my friends laugh and I show to them. They're like, Oh, my God."

"I did two karaokes. And I did once two at French Open. Second one was a little bit better. I been improving. Because just lower the net here, it's impossible to fall, you know. It's impossible to do worse, actually. I improved. Then I did one in US Open, but I never got to see this one nowhere. I love Serena's one, how she shake booty. That is hard. She got my trophy. Believe me, she teach me that. But I don't think I'm going to do."

And this...
Did you watch Monica last night on TV?
"I was going to watch but then I had dinner and I prefer dinner."

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