Friday, March 14, 2008

China adds cat slaughter to its Olympics "preparation"

Not content just to kill stray dogs and to slaughter pet dogs in front of their families, or to siphon water from poor farmers, the Chinese government has now added cat slaughter to its list of Olympic "preparation" activities. Using 12th Century logic, China has frightened its citizens into sending their "diseased" cats to their deaths.

And still, not one country, not one athlete, has made a decision to boycott the event.


Herzblut said...

Diane, I love all animals..but am a 'cat lady'......this just makes me so angry and frustrated.....what to do? It is so unbelievably awful......thank you for highlighting this..... :(

Diane said...

There has been mo reporting of any of this in the mainstream news in the U.S., and probably not much elsewhere. Though people have proven--through their support of factory farming and animal testing--that they do not care what horrible things happen to non-humans, they do tend to become all activist over pets. If more people knew, there would at least be some outrage.