Saturday, March 15, 2008

Insult to injury

It's bad enough that FSN Southwest is showing very little of Indian Wells. I waited all day to see coverage that isn't even live.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might have actually seen some women's tennis.
Here is Australia, all we got was the ATP matches

Diane said...

When I found out it wasn't live, I didn't even care to watch. They showed pieces of several matches, ATP and WTA. I imagine that today, at least whatever is shown will be live.

Todd Spiker said...

I found it funny last week how several USA TODAY articles essentially made the point that this important Indian Wells/Miami stretch of two-week, non-slam events is the time when tennis is possibly most visible outside of the slams. Oh, yeah?

(At least Dish Network provided additional channels to handle the spillover, since local sports coverage was aired on the "normal" FSN affiliate in Washington D.C.)

And, really, FSN? What, was Versus' schedule too full? With all the NCAA basketball coverage, I can understand ESPN not carrying Indian Wells. But FSN? How can the Powers That Be justify not having the early rounds of these events on Tennis Channel? What's it there for then?

Diane said...

I'm wondering what kind of financial machinations went on, Todd. FSN...really. It's not even a real network, and its regions apparently are required to show only a minimum of Indian Wells (and, I presume, Miami).