Saturday, May 24, 2014

French Open champion predictions

Darren Cahill--Serena Williams
Kamakshi Tandon--Maria Sharapova
Cliff Drysdale--Serena Williams
Chris Evert--Serena Williams
Brad Gilbert--Serena Williams
Todd Spiker--Serena Williams
Mary Joe Fernandez--Serena Williams
Patrick McEnroe--Serena Williams
Pam Shriver--Serena Williams
Ravi Ubha--Serena Williams
Greg Garber--Serena Williams
Courtney Nguyen--Serena Williams
Jon Wertheim--Serena Williams
Matt Wilansky--Simona Halep
Howard Bryant--Serena Williams
Steve Tignor--Serena Williams


Todd.Spiker said...

"Yay" to Matt Wilansky! That would be fun. (And a nod to Kamakshi Tandon, too, I guess.) :D

Diane said...

Tandon actually has a high accuracy rate with these predictions. There was a reminder on the ESPN website that she was the one who picked Li to win in 2011.

Todd.Spiker said...

Maybe Serena's Paris demons WILL return then!

Anonymous said...

Go Tandon, I hope Maria takes this title. Lol at most of these people, such a sheep mentality.

rudy lerma said...

Kvitova is always a possibility, regardless of how badly she has been playing lately.

Diane said...

I suppose anything is possible, but look who's lurking there--Ivanovic, Garcia, Giorgi, Kuznetsova. And that's just the front end of the draw. And first, Petra has to get past the very aggressive Diyas. Kvitova, even more than Stosur, is so totally "upsettable."

It feels odd to leave both Sam and Petra out of the conversation (most are leaving Na out of it, too). But with the likes of Serena, Maria and Simona in Paris, just about everyone else is an afterthought.

More and more, I like it that Halep pulled out of Rome; she needs her health to be in top form. I think she can handle the pressure; I'm more concerned about her body.

sabey said...

I am hoping for a serena repeat. If not Halep or Ivanovic.

Jim Lumpkin said...

I'm for Simona or Petra