Monday, May 26, 2014

French Open--what they said

I didn't know what I'd done; I saw everything flashing before my eyes.
Sam Stosur, describing a recent accident she had while box-jumping

I think that the French crowd is a tough one, and when you have it with you, it's unbelievable.
Alize Cornet

Obviously many people look forward to matches where we play each other. But in many ways it doesn’t matter if it’s the fourth round, quarters, semis, or final. There is only one champion at any tournament. So it’s not really about when you face somebody. It’s about who comes through. Right now it’s not my concern.
Maria Sharapova, talking about You-Know-Who

Definitely I prefer grass, but I had a good run 2012 here. I won in Madrid, so definitely I know that I can play well on the clay. So I'm not thinking that the clay is my opponent. I will be ready.
Petra Kvitova

Each time you are in Paris, you enjoy eating macaroons. 
Maria Sharapova

...for three years I've been playing in Strasbourg, they just don't like me there. I don't know how it can be possible, but apparently, they just don't like me.
Alize Cornet

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