Monday, May 27, 2013

Passing shots

French Open officials plan to move forward with plans to build a retractable roof in spite of a court ruling to the contrary.

Suddenly, Anabel Medina Garrigues is just oozing with contoversy.

Tennis Channel now has apps you can download, and you can watch the French Open on your mobile device.

I miss Patty Schnyder.

Nicole Gibbs of Stanford is once again the NCAA singles champion. Gibbs beat Mary Weatherholt of Nebraska in straight sets. Weatherholt, who has had several knee surgeries, injured her knee again in the second set and had trouble moving for the remainder of the match.

And finally, some advice:
"Your feet are the point from which the footwork is done. You must be easy upon them. Do not allow them to hold the ground flatly, for then movement in any direction will not be instant--never run too fast, run with short steps."
Suzanne Lenglen


Todd.Spiker said...

Unfortunately, most players would probably say, "Suzanne who?" Even with the stadium name. :\

Maybe people should talk more about how she'd sip brandy during matches? That might get their attention. :)

Diane said...

There will never be another one like her. They all pale when compared with the flask-carrying fashion icon from France. And her court movement, to my knowledge, remains unique--she used her entire body to make her signature shots. What an athlete.

John said...

We miss Patty, too.