Friday, May 10, 2013

If Sara Errani had a better serve....

Could she win the French Open?

I say yes.

Or, what if she just developed a much more reliable first serve?

Errani made it to the final last year, and she did it--stunningly--by taking out two former French Open champions, a former French Open finalist and Angelique Kerber. Against Maria Sharapova, she was unable to win a set. Sharapova, in addition to having a better serve (unless she's double-faulting like mad) and a lot of power in her groundstrokes, has also learned a lot more about how to move on clay.

At any rate, Errani is capable of doing some damage in Paris this year, too. She certainly doesn't have the mental issues some top players have, and she fights to the end.


Todd.Spiker said...

Hmmm, maybe she needs to pray to the Tennis Gods for one of those Paris draws that would give her a slightly-ajar door should she return to the final. I mean, think if Kvitova had defeated Sharapova in the RG semi last year and Errani had instead faced the Czech on the final Saturday -- she might have lost that one, as well, but it would have been a match where she'd had more opportunities to get a scoreboard advantage.

Diane said...

Yes, and add to that she probably has a good bit of Schiavone inspiration going for her.

Doug said...

Yep. Bring on the Vatican furnishings and H²O.