Wednesday, May 29, 2013

French Open--what they said

I had a very tough opponent; I was actually surprised she wasn't seeded at the tournament.
Victoria Azarenka

Clay probably is not my favorite surface.
Caroline Wozniacki

I knew that I had more chances of losing than winning….
Aravane Rezai

Sometimes you have to risk more on the second serve, and sometimes you can just put the ball on the court.
Agnieszka Radwanska

So I found myself faced with a mirror in front of me; she plays pretty much like me….
Aravane Rezai

As the Frenchwoman tired, Kvitova took the match in hand and stumbled, rather than cruised home.
Andrew Lilley

Are you ready for the big returners?
Agnieszka Radwanska

Keep being you, Marion. Keep twitching. Keep competing. Keep hogging that stage. We’ll be watching.
Lindsay Gibbs


Todd.Spiker said...

" So I found myself faced with a mirror in front of me; she plays pretty much like me…."

...if Kvitova heard Rezai say that, considering how Aravane's career has gone from good to mostly bad the last couple of seasons, I wonder if she'd shudder?

Or maybe it'd scare her straight?

Diane said...

It's a scary quotation, especially considering that both of them have illnesses not under very good control. I miss Rezai; she was kind of Marion Lite.

Todd.Spiker said...

With a bit of a hint of Dokic, I always thought, too.

Doug said...

Will somebody please pass this on to Kvitova? There's a big breakthrough in asthma treatment. A drug that knocks it down 87% of the time!

Diane said...

Interesting. Could take a long time to reach the market, though. In the meantimne, I think there are other measures she could take to ease the suffering.

Anonymous said...

She was fighting the asthma today and made it through anyway.