Saturday, May 25, 2013

French Open champion predictions

Darren Cahill--Serena Williams
Cliff Drysdale--Serena Williams
Chris Evert--Serena Williams
Brad Gilbert--Serena Williams
Pam Shriver--Serena Williams
Greg Garber--Serena Williams
Kamakshi Tandon--Serena Williams
Matt Wilannsky--Serena Williams
Pete Bodo--Serena Williams
Todd Spiker--Serena Williams*
Mary Joe Fernandez--Serena Williams
Ed McGrogan--Serena Williams
Richard Pagliaro--Serena Williams
Steve Tignor--Serena Williams

*caRL piCk2--Maria Sharapova
(Carla beautifully selects Sara Errani)


Marija said...

I don't remember that there was a time that everyone picked Serena to win :P

Diane said...

I don't either, though I recall a couple of times when everyone but maybe two picked her. It's especially interesting that she's the unanimous pick for the French. My, how things change.

Anonymous said...

I might sound like a hater, but I don't care. I hope a unanimous vote means a unanimous jinx! Pulling for Maria Sharapova all the way!

Diane said...

Well, stranger things have happened to Serena at Roland Garros :)