Friday, May 31, 2013

French Open--what they said

I like the fact that it’s a little bit slower probably than a lot of the courts that we play on and gives me time to use my big shots, set up points the way that I want to. I like the sliding into the shots and all that type of thing.
Sam Stosur

I would love to win this one, but there are still a lot of people in the draw that would love to win this tournament, as well. I'm just one of those.
Serena Williams

Varvara Lepchenko transformed the terre battue into a treadmill and Angelique Kerber was doing much of the road work.
Richard Pagliaro

Well, you know, I’m an old-timer, and experience serves when you’re old, because I knew what she was thinking about. So I thought, "If I can produce a shot when I oblige her to do even better, and she can’t, then she will be thinking about it," which is exactly what happened.
Marion Bartoli


Jim Lumpkin said...

Oh Petra.

Here is what she said: "I did a lot of mistakes and I really didn't know what was happening on the court," she said.

How can someone not know what is happening on the court? It's a simple game. Hampton is straightforward. It was not a complicated match: JJ was not there. Kerber was not there. Serena was not there. Vika was not there. So it was simple and Kvitova was quite literally out of focus.

Petra needs a new coach and a psychologist; perhaps a psychiatrist. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Given her talent, the only player who should be of serious concern to Kvitova is Serena Williams. And yet, Petra is beaten by almost everyone at some point. Mind-boggling.