Sunday, September 11, 2011

U.S. Open--what they said

What are your expectations now in terms of challenging next year?  What do you think you're capable of?
I think for sure now if I go to the Grand Slam I will try the second week, because I know that I can play with everyone here.  Yeah, but I think there are some  --  yeah, I need to practice for sure or make my fitness a little bit better. Yeah, and I will do this in the end of the year.
Angelique Kerber

What were you telling yourself before the start of the third set?  You put yourself into so much adversity already this tournament, and it felt like you were just doing it to yourself again.
Well, I went off, changed my clothes again, and just tried to settle down and really just think about what was going on.
Sam Stosur

She has the power to overpower us.
Caroline Wozniacki, referring to Serena Williams

Was there any part of the day where you were kinda wishing you could have gone out on Grandstand and just gotten it done, or did you prefer waiting around and getting the prime time?
I honestly don't think about could, what I could do, unless that option is available.  Once that option becomes available, then I'll think about it. I was just reading my book. Like I said, I'm great at waiting. I can wait forever.
Serena Williams

...I felt like we had the disadvantage before this match, considering Caroline and Serena were told they were going on at 8:00 24 hours before we even had a start time and a court. So everything is kinda gone a little crazy and haywire.
Sam Stosur

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