Thursday, September 8, 2011

U.S. Open--what they said

Knowing you were down, and you had to turn the match around, how do you stay so mentally tough and so focused?
It's definitely something that's innate. I don't think you can go out and get it. I just have it.
Serena Williams

You know, you just have to play inside the lines and over the net.
Caroline Wozniacki

We kind of seem like an old, like, married couple.
Melanie Oudin, on her doubles relationship with Jack Sock

I think Caroline is one of the most underestimated players out there, because you have to win each and every point against her.  If you don't do it, you lose. If Serena plays well, it's tough to beat her.
Andrea Petkovic

You say you keep learning from these experiences. What have you learned from this very last one?
I always go out wearing either shoes that cover all my foot or most of it. I'm serious.
Serena Williams

I don't know why she had the problem with her serve.  I can tell you I had a problem with my serve, because she's left-handed and everything was a little bit different for me.  My good serve on the T was not that good today, and it was going on her forehand and was the best shot she had.
Flavia Pennetta

This is the first time you're playing her since you were number 1. There [have] been so many questions about your rise. Do you think you can answer a lot of questions in that match on Saturday?
To be honest, I don't care. I don't care what people think and say or do. I care about what I know best. I go out there, and what I care about is that I give 100% every time.You win a match, you lose a match sometimes. It's sports. ...
Caroline Wozniacki

There were some who were wondering if you were being paid by the hour in the third and fourth round, but today it must have been a relief just to get that match over.
Oh, for sure. It's always nicer to finish them off in less than three hours. 
Samantha Stosur

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