Monday, September 12, 2011

Fish and foul

Following an "investigation," officials have fined Serena Williams $2,000 for her lengthy one-way conversation with chair umpire Eva Asderaki during the U.S. Open women's final. Officials also determined that the "outburst" (it was more of a rambling nonsensical rant) was not a major one, and therefore could not be used to extend Williams' probation, which ends with the close of the tournament. I heard a commentator complain that the fine was symbolic and therefore useless. I'll certainly go with "symbolic":

Serena Williams
Behavior: Called chair umpire a "hater," a "loser" and "unattractive inside" when she disagreed with the umpire's call

Reason given for behavior: "It was just so intense out there."

Media attention: Immediate and dramatic

Fine assessed: $2,000

Mardy Fish
Behavior: Called his opponent (some reported it was the chair umpire) a "dumbass" for what he thought was a ridiculous assumption that he (Fish) could actually understand a language other than English

Reason given for behavior: "We were fired up out there."

Media attention: Mentioned in passing

Fine assessed: $0,000


Anonymous said...

Fish: first foul

Serena: can't count

Diane said...

While I appreciate what you're saying (and I can count Serena's fouls), fines are not supposed to be accumulative. (If only--an argument can be made to go back and take complete bank accounts away from some players.) This is about the 2011 U.S. Open.

Anonymous said...

Andy Murray, was he fined for his foul language on court? Hmmm... I guess he gets a pass too! I know this made Mary Carillo's day, she made sure she got her digs in on Serena, lol some things will never change!!

Diane said...

The biggest fine, $10,000, was given to Mike Bryan, and we're not exactly being bombarded with stories about that.

I know a couple of WTA players were fined for illegal coaching, too.

svente said...

Heh... seriously.

This will be trotted out for another year with the pearl-clutching "Oh no! It was barely a slap on the wrist!" overtones.

Karen said...

Diane, it is so funny that no mention is made of Ryan Harrison, that boy wonder of American tennis has been fined or reprimanded by every tennis federation currently operating. I think Serena has the biggest problems with the USO. The USTA perhaps needs to look into that. I think the woman is suffering from PTSD because she is a gem everywhere else she plays and it is like when she gets to the USO all the bad stuff just keeps coming back.

As for Mike Bryan, we are still not hearing what happened why he was fined 10,000. Word on the street is that it was because he put his hand on an official. The silence is deafening from commentators and so-called journos alike.

Diane said...

That's what I heard--that he put his hand on an umpire. He's appealing it, so it's being kept quiet, I read. But even if it weren't being officially kept quiet, I doubt it would be a giant media drama.

Karen said...

That is true about Mike, and the journos are saying that it was because he could appeal why it was kept quiet. Well, they did not keep quiet about Robert Kendrick who was defended by almost every journalist for actually ingesting a banned substance. I don't care whether it was his intent or not, the fact remains he was found guilty of a doping offence and yet they jumped to his defence, while in the same breath they are calling for Serena's head.

It makes you think about that whole Jesus and Barrabas situation.

Anonymous said...

Did Andy Murray receive a find for the obsene remark he made at the open. The annoucer even make a statement and apologize to the hearing audience for the remark. Haven't heard it in the media since. Why is Serena such a target? hmmmm??

Anonymous said...

I have seen Roddick talk so disrespectful to umpires and just keep rattling on and on. Has he ever been fined? Why does the media make such a deal about Serena when Roddick has done and said a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

serena's actions were far more reprehensible. Saying, "if you see me in the hallway, look the other way" You're a hater" You're ugly inside", I hate you" is not just a personal attack on a tennis official, it's WARPED. This is the 2nd Major meltdown, with the first involving an F-bomb laced rant filled with threats of physical violence. If anything, serena is protected by the media, but when she fronts herself off in primetime, that's on her. She needs help

Anonymous said...

Lol, Serena protected by the media! Right, I see Mary Carillo and Patrick McEnroe defending her all the time SMDH!