Saturday, September 3, 2011

U.S. Open--what they said

Two points in a row for Azarenka must feel like a moral victory.
Virginia Wade

I used to play well until a certain point, and then just, well, didn't take my chances at all. Now this year with all the experience of the tough matches and all these close key moments that I went through, I'm just calmer. I know what to do in the important moments. Not always. Still happens to me, but I think that happens to everybody. I just have more margin in my game. I play a little bit more spin and I play a little bit safer so then when you get nervous it doesn't affect your game that much. 
Andrea Petkovic

Against Scheepers Saturday, Schiavone almost lost the match, but she never lost hope.
Geoff MacDonald

I think I played really well [in the first set]. I probably should have kept doing those things. If I was in a zone, it didn't last long.
Serena Williams

Now, we all know Caroline also had trouble even reaching finals. What are your thoughts about that frame of mind, that it's not a real number 1?

I don't think as a player you should worry about what people say. You know, you're out there competing your hardest and your best. I mean, I can't comment on her, what she feels. I don't think you should worry about what people say.
With all due respect, I was asking you what your thoughts were on that mindset.
Well, I don't care what people say about me, so why should I care what people say about her?
Vania King

What is the best advice you get from your mysterious new coach?
Move your feet.
Caroline Wozniacki

You seem to specialize in playing long matches.
No, you say that, not me.
Francesca Schiavone

The groundstrokes for Azarenka are the same as Serena's--if you take away the problem of the serve and the returns.
Virginia Wade

I think I am one of the fittest players on tour. I work really hard and I practice a lot. If I know that I'm tired, I know that the other one is probably almost dying.
Andrea Petkovic


Wayne said...

hahaha... "Moral Victory" indeed.

Virginia Wade is such a great co-commentator. Dame Virginia.. we salute you.

Pat said...

I really like how Vania answered the question about Wozniacki.
That’s a classy lady. However, the journalist is a jerk. I also like how Schiavone handle her questions. She’s always candid and funny.

Regarding Wozniacki, I don’t know why those journalists are always after her, even picking at her through the other players. Apparently, their cowardice has no limit. At least, they could face Wozniacki herself.

Anyhow, we all know that Wozniacki is the weakest number one in history. There is no need to repeat it again and again. So the real question should be: who is more worthy?

Again this year, she has more wins and more titles than anybody else. And she has been more successful against the best players than anybody else. Let’s take a closer look on how well the best players have done against the Top 10 and Top 20 since the beginning of the year.

Wozniacki: 13 wins and 2 losses
Sharapova: 12 wins and 4 losses
Kvitova: 10 wins and 5 losses
Na Li: 8 wins and 5 losses
Azarenka: 7 wins and 9 losses
Zvonareva: 5 wins and 9 losses
Schiavone: 5 wins and 10 losses

So, Wozniacki leads in wins, titles, in term of wins against the best players in the world. She now has 18 titles to back her ranking. Na Li has 5. 5 also for Kvitova.

Kvitova won Wimbledon, but she also suffered 2 defeats in ITF tournaments this year. And she has just suffered a humiliating defeat in the first round of the US Open, along with Na Li. Is it worthy of a real number one?

Sharapova may be worthy, but she hasn’t won a Slam since 2008. And most of her matches are so bad, they become unwatchable. Is it worthy of a real number one?

Serena and Clijsters are the only legitimate contenders, but they don’t play enough to reach the first spot.

Given the circumstances, I think Wozniacki is an interesting compromise. She’s an overachiever and she may never win a Slam, but she is a great fighter and she’s more successful than any other player right now. Until someone finds a way to be more successful than her, she deserves her ranking and she doesn’t have to justify it to anybody.

Diane said...

I really liked the way King handled the question, too. Any sports writer who's been around at all, though, should have known better than to bait Vania.

In my opinion, Wozniacki deserves to be number 1 by virtue of her ranking points. She earned them. The system is what it is. Whether it should be changed again is another matter.

svente said...

Haha, Vania! That's awesome.

And boy, what a boring line of questioning.